Ollantay Avila Alcocer⋆˚✿˖

BFA Graphic Design
Rhode Island School
of Design

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Design Editor
The College Hill Independent

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Cliche-Jeff Parker



RISD Design Guild

Creative Director
The Princeton Progressive

Design Intern
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Y tu mamá también-A Collection of Stills and Essays
(Documentation in Progress)

Fall 2023
A series of 2 handbound books about the film Y tu mamá también: a double-sided risograph-ed accordion book showcasing stills from the movie in chronological order (1) and a series of essays in Spanish and English surrounding different themes of the movie (2). Edition of three.

The College Hill Independent (The Indy)
(Final Documentation in Progress)

Spring 2024
A selection of “Dear Indy” articles.

The Princeton Progressive (The Prog)

Identity, Publication
Summer 2022
The Princeton Progressive (or more affectionately known as “The Prog”) is Princeton’s Leftist Political Publication dedicated to publishing student’s writing and articles on local, state, and global issues. After ceasing production due to COVID-19, The Prog returned in the fall of 2022 with a new visual identity. 

RISD Yearbook 2023

Spring 2023

In collaboration with Anmol Govinda Rao, Christine Wang, Ella Lawless, Emma Caamano, Henry Spuria, Jacob Lee, Joyce Ho, Kayla Feng, Matthew Cuschieri, Maxton O‘Connor, Mizuki Hanada, Ryan Yan, Sharlene Deng, Truman Lesak, and Yasemin Sarihan.
Each year, the RISD Design Guild is tasked with directing and designing the annual yearbook for the graduating class of students. The 2023 Yearbook is divided into three separate books: a collection of interviews with faculty members (1), a catalog of student portraits (2), and a photo index documenting our campus (3). The visual language is inspired by travel documents  –  passports, visas, and licenses  –  all of which illicit transitions. To showcase the experiences of the graduating class, we used hand-made stamps to document each student’s history at RISD.

El Nuevo Cine Mexicano

Fall 2023
A series of Wikipedia articles documenting the history of Mexican Cinema, and a few of my personal favorite New Wave Mexican films. This excersize would later inform my project Y tu mamá también-A Collection of Stills and Writings.

Sun Sets

Summer 2022
Signage for Summer DJ Series “Sun Sets”.

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