Ollantay Avila Alcocer⋆˚✿˖

BFA Graphic Design
Rhode Island School
of Design

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Design Editor
The College Hill Independent

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Cliche-Jeff Parker



RISD Design Guild

Creative Director
The Princeton Progressive

Design Intern
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Need Your Love-Tennis


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For the “Everyday Designer”

Research Project, Writing, Publication
Spring 2024
The desire to be understood, to reimagine, to build worlds for oursleves is profoundly human. Stickers, pins, doodles, embroidery, charms, graffiti, sign-painting, wheat-pasting, tattoos, memes, etc., all draw on the instinct to ornament, decorate, anotate, to imbue the surface with sentiment, self-expression, and agency. By doing so, we keep the surface malleable, a space in which we can perpetually be in conversation with the original. To ornament is to embrace the chaos of multiplicity with open arms, to reject standards imposed onto us.

“For the “Everyday Designer” aims to question the need for constant order, and to celebrate ornament and those who relish in it. May no surface be left untouched–may they come alive and show our hand.

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